five most needed gig items


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hey all,

just wondering what your top 5 most needed gig items are (apart from a kit and sticks and a band)

mine would have to be
1) a drum key
2) earplugs
3) water
4) towel
5) a fan

lemme know wot u think


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I'm a bit OCD'ish when it comes to gig prep, I've got spare guitar cables on me usually.

As far as necessities though, that's a pretty good list in the intial post.
Only thing I'd add would be a drum rug, I always take one of those to keep the bass or pedals from drifting.

I've got a toolbox I take on tour just in case. Usually leave it in the van and only take necessities in my stick bag, but at least I've got tools in there if I need them.
I use a hybrid kit, so a lot of the extras pertain to electronic components. Probably don't need quite as much for acoustics only.


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1) most important of all BANDANNA!

2) good pair of shorts that aint gunna get too hot.. its alll about the seat of ur pants

3) gaffa tape. have u ever put on a show with out it?

4) water

5) towel

lotsa love, JOWIE XXX


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hmm well the essential list does kinda cover it.
in no order
1. Drum Key(at least one. we all know what they are for. if not please do some reasearch and then read this list again)
2. Water(at least one bottole, chilled not freezing cold)
3. Earplugs( i dont use drummers plugs. i use sportsman shooting ear plugs. take all the pressure out leaves the levels cuts the volume. or i use the tried but true HEAR-O's)
4. Towel( this is a MUST. especialy if you play sets over 30 mins)
5. A Rug( ive noticed some places dont supply one. and if they do they usualy are WELCOME matts from walmart or some cheap dollar store and dont do the job at all.)
there are a fe other things i keep but those are the mandoatory. i usualy keep some spare tension rods, washers. cymbal felts. things like that. that just break sometimes. and the always important extra sticks


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jowie":e1obtxfj said:
3) gaffa tape. have u ever put on a show with out it?
true, i did forget the gaffer tape (replace that where the fan was) iv never put a show together without it, to the extent of having to tape my top hi hat to the rod when i bust my clutch one show, or rather the drummer before me (my kit was the share that gig) bust it trying to overtighten the bugger
you people and your towels. hahaha

1. Drum Key
2. Gatorade\Water
3. Extra Sticks
4. Rug
5. Snare (I cant use any one but my own because im way too attached to it)

Chad Scott

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(extra dry cloths!!!)(very important for me-I get sweaty and Girls don't like that!!!)club cloths...
drum mics & Cords--some clubs will only give you one or two mics-(snare & bass)but they have room on thier mixer for your mics- (you'll sound better and so will the other bands playing that night!) you can also rent the mics to the club....
good drum shoes-(like Puma) I leave some permanatly in the tour van!
Try playing in Birkenstocks! That sucks!
stick tape & duck tape!
If your going a long way-like cross country--bring an extra bass pedal & an extra high hat stand...


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1. Bottled Water, one frozen one just chilled. Frozen one will thaw out after a long set.
2. Duct tape- because your guitarist will forget it and the sound guy will get pissy if you use too much of his.
3. Towl for the love of god, please don't use the same one over and over again without cleaning it.
4. drum key
5.Black tee shirt. to hide the sweat stains. hiding butt sweat, wear black shorts or black addais pants.


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The stuff I need is pretty standard, really...

1) 4 liters of Diet Coke
2) A brick of sticks
3) A small wash-cloth soaked in chilled Rumpleminze
4) A rug with Drum Ruggers Drum Anchors
5) Bail Money

Finishing a gig without an international incident, priceless

But Seriously...

I've never needed sand bags because my rug has "stops" on it to keep the bass drum from wandering. Very handy... look up Drum Ruggers Drum Anchors, you'll love 'em!


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1. Metal t-shirt (must be black, any band)
2. Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature sticks w/ Vater Griptape
3. Double kick pedals!
4. Purple Gatorade (because grape flavour is metal)
5. Drum key. Or two. Or three. Secreted around the kit.