First gig...


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So i've been playing drums for about 9 years now and did all the school band stuff all that jazz through high school...but now that im in college, i have had time to join a real bad hahaha :wink: .

well to make a long story short, i have my first gig coming up in a couple weeks.

any of you wonderful people have any tips or suggestions??? anything would help!! thanks!


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Have fun, enjoy it. It's the culmination of 9 years of hard work. Make the most of it. Be good, don't let yourself down.


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relax and have fun are the 2 most important things.Don't forget our main job of timekeeping because the adrenaline will be flowing. And with 9 years experience behind you....everything else will follow and come together.Try to keep a low stage volume as much as possible and LISTEN to each other.


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Make sure the sound guy gives you some good monitor (including vocals). You may not be used to the different sound mix while playing on stage... that comfortable sound you are used to in the practice studio will go right out the window! If you have a bad monitor mix, it can sometimes feel like you are playing allll alllloooooone up there :shock: If you have IEM all the better.

Wear ear protection - nobody's ears are invincible.

Prep all your gear early. Make sure everything is tuned up, have extra sticks, pack some spare parts, etc...

And I agree with john_bonham73... the adrenaline will be going. You will probably play louder, harder, faster than you need to. Relax, listen, and feel the whole band. Keep that time steady.

Don't get stupid and get drunk on (insert favorite tasty beverage here) before hitting the stage. One or two to calm the nerves is sometimes OK, but better safe than sorry. I for one cannot play after hitting that BUZZ level... but to each his own.

Have fun!


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I'm with zero about the drinking. I can't perform like that. Like others have said, relax and have a good time. Don't do like I did my first gig. I got going so hard I would speed up during the chorus of every damn song. No one in the crowd noticed and my bandmates said it didn't bother them, but you know we drummers are. After I watched the recording of it I wated to hide. You'll be great!


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agreed about the alcohol. set a limit before you get there and stick to it. it's easy to end up drunk, since you'll likely be nervous and drinking (if you do). also, beware of other drugs besides alcohol. generally, just a bad idea, especially if you always practice sober. i would also caution against uppers. some new bands feel like they need a boost for the show. that is a bad idea. you'll have plenty of adrenaline for the show. it will probably be more than enough.

oh, bring a rug, just in case.