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omg it was so cool
i was at the famious daves in MN and the had an open mike for jazz/blues
so my brther and mom talked me into signing up and i was so nerves i couldnt see!!!!
but they called my anem i got up there and ripped!!!!
it was so cool the drummer was like damnnn boyyyy!!!!!! (well the drummer said DAMN BROTHAAAA!!!) and im not even black!!!
it was sweet i got off a little bit cause i didnt know what to do but he helped me out ohh man it was cool!!!!
sorry bout the spelliung im just so excited!!!!

my mom was so appy she cryed!!!

om gits so fun

.,....i wanna be a drummer forever!!!


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Way to go man. Fun, isn't it? I remember my first gig ever. I had met these two guitar players the night before at the very same bar and asked them if they needed a drummer. We exchanged numbers and all and then I went home. I didn't expect them to call me the next night and ask me to come set up and play. They expected a half-ass drummer, but they got me. They played mostly covers, all of which I knew and had played numerous times along with the cd. So the night was a blast. And we didn't even practice. They were impressed. It was fun. Eventually that led me to playing with this other group which shared a guitarist with my first group. And then THAT led me on to playing with yet another group which shared the bassist, and so on. Keep it up man! You'll be soloing beneath the stage lights in no time! The very best thing you can do is impress who has asked you to play. That's how you get your name out there. To this day, I still have people I've never met asking me if I'm the dude who played drums for so and get the idea.

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