Finally - my Gretsch maple renown ARRIVED!

nutha jason

Here she is – the most beautiful kit I’ve ever owned. Can’t wait to let fly on her this weekend.

Gretsch maple renown in satin black finish
10” x 5” timbale (cut down pearl forum tom)
13” x 9” tom
16” x 16” tom
24” x 16” bass
14” x 6.5” steel free floating snare
14” x 5” maple and zebrano free floating snare (not pictured) alternative
14” x 5” brass free floating snare (not pictured) alternative
10” cowbell


ps: the last pic is the kids kit - daddy doesn't just spoil himself.


nutha jason

played her for the first time last night. it wrong to fall in love with an inanimate object?
The toms are so clean and warm but not lacking in projection. i used no mufling on them at all. unmiced they filled the club with punch.

but the bass drum ...hmmmmmm mmm. with such a large vellum i was able to tune quite high without losing bottom end. no hole in the front and just some felt strips and one small pillow to stop feedback from close micing. she has incredible volume - even when the mic fader was bumped down accidentaly in the second set - she still cut through. phat and wet but with a little hum of warmth after the initial attack. the perfect all round rock bass drum sound.