Filming live gigs.


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Mornin' all.

My band and have a gig coming up on November 18th, and I wanted to find out people's experience in filming performances for best quality of picture and sound.

The most cost effetive way, as far as I see it, is to get a couple of people using Camcorders at different angles. The main problem, of course, is that Camcorders aren't great in low light, so I wondered if anyone can recommend the best Camcorder for the job.

The other things is getting a decent sound recording. What have people done in the past to get something that can eventually be put on CD?

Thanks for all your help people. And if anyone is around on November 18th, it's a charity gig for the Middle East at the Dublin castle in Camden town. Our site - - will tell you all about it.



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I am a TV producer and a drummer. The best camera for that is the Canon GL2. It has audio inputs with record level adjustments. It also has a pretty good on board mic if you can find a sweet spot in the room to pick up the audio. The picture is really great with filter enhancements. It will even shoot in wide screen.


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Use something like the Canon for the picture, but take a direct stereo output from the desk if possible for your sound then sync the audio and visual up in cakewalk or whatever.

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YEah those Canon either XL or GL 1 or 2 are awesome. For ease of use I would lock 1 cam down on a tripod in the center so you always have a shot to go to if your handheld guys are moving.

I would use the onboard audio from one camera that DOESN'T MOVE. That way the audio will be consistent. Otherwise when the cam is shooting get more drums...etc. Set the audio to attenuate, it acts as a limiter and keeps things from peaking.

Also its a good idea to have a camera do cool shots of hands and feet and pedals....and faces and crowd. You can always cheat these shots into a part if you don't have a better shot.