Fills and Licks


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Hey, just wondering. Anyone has groovy or nice fills and/or licks to share with me ? I'm trying to get more ideas. Websites to get me started will do too. Thanks. :)

Lancelot Frosty

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This is a simple lick, but I like it.
Built on a flam.
RlRl, where L is the grace note.
Do it at 32nd note speed, with a single beat skip between every RlRl.
I dunno how to describe it properly. XD


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check out and watch some vids of the greats on there. see if you can emulate any of their fills and licks into different styles of music. after a while youll use them automatically and be able to add your own style into them. fills are really where the drummer can add his or her part to the song, like a guitar solo. neways check that out and see if you can get anythin out of it. its alwyas gd if you can emulate things like that by yourself, withou having to use a peace of music. altho that can help you sight read, it cant enable you to figure things out for yourself, which is always a handy attribute.
hope that helps


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Sextuplets using a 4 stroke ruff on the hands and 2 on the feet.
You can use it as triplets or straight 1/16s

Then you can do a pattern of 2 of the above followed by one quad(2 on hands 2 on feet).

break the prism

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i borrowed my favorite fill from Gavin Harrison and tweaked it a little bit.
it consists of quads with left hand (on snare), and on every first hit, accenting the toms in an ascending order (low to high) with the right. also on every first beat, splash the high-hat with your foot and play the bass drum with the other.

Tom - L L L
Hi-hat - L L L
Kick - R R R