Fills 5's and 7's

There was a thread on this earlier but I cant find it anymore.
I want to know if anyone has some good examples of 5 and 7 fills cuz im after some inspiration. (Like tracks or music I should listen to)
Also how do you blokes mix em up? cuz mine sound pretty straight and not terribly exciting atm.
Thanks fellas.

brown boots

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Hi Grace. The 5`s & 7`s are incredibly useful I think. Maybe listening to Steve Gadd or back further, Joe Morello is a master. Cheers.


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Personally, I don't try to put them into one quarter note. I phrase them within the natural sub-divisions. For example, take your average "3-e-&-a, 4-e-&-a" fill and phrase it like "1-2-3, 1-2-3-4-5". Or maybe play one note right before going into a sextuplet for a seven note phrase.
Haha Steve Gadd seems to have drummed for every band in the world. I will try to find a specific example, thanks boots.
I will have a dig at the divisions that you mentioned as well Garrett.
Thanks blokes.


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Try thinking about them in the context of sticking patterns.

Find some 3 note patterns that your comfy with , like RLL or RRL, some with 4 notes (RLRR, RLLR) and some with 5 notes (RLLRL).

You can play straight 16th on the snare over a 1/4 note bass drum, and just start linking up the sticking pattern and your off to the races. It frees you mind from counting and lets you think in larger groups of notes. Or you can use the same stickings but cram the 5 or 7 notes in between the bass drum pulse.

I usually just combine 2 and 3 note patterns to build the larger groupings (2+3+2+2+3). Accent the first note of each grouping.

Casey Scheurelle taught a great class on for a semester when I was at MI.