Favorite Professional Solo



Neil Peart's "Der Trommeler" (five years of german and yet I'm still positive I did not spell that right).
I'm a big fan of the composed solo and very much of his drumming.

I'd also have to say "tank" from emerson, lake, and palmer.

Johnny Cat

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Buddy Rich's on West Side Story Medley, and Neil Peart's solo from Exit....Stage Left will always be my two favorites.

Steve Smith's "Swing Pulse" and "Thank You Mr. Williams" are awesome as well.

And Terry Bozzio's "Maya". Great piece!


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Donati's solo on Ataxaria. Playing over that foot ostinato would make me like ... warp to another dimension, then I'd be like "ughhhhh" and my head would explode. Exactly like that.


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hmmm...played a show with sevendust in the 90s here in Atl...seen morgan go off at sound check...thats one and hands down "moby dick"...no queastion about it


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I saw portnoy live in a club a couple years back, His solo was 45 minutes long and just incredible


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I think that Neil Peart with Rush live in Rio is one of if not the most awesome drum solo's that I have seen. I believe that it was called O Baterista. Considering the things that this man has endured, being able to continue doing what he is doing and on the level that he is doing it is Incredible. Check out Rush live in Rio and let me know what you think. :?:


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I like Neil Pert's solos and Carter Beauford's solos. Both of their ability to set a grove while soloing is amazing. Another good one is the solo from the song Take 5.....classic, but I can't remember the guys name that played it.

drum man

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i see alot of realy bad ass solos on here.
but im more of a metal guy so im going with Chris Adler Ruin.
If you can play that your a fast mother.