Favorite Evans snare head?

What's your favorite Evans snare head?

  • ST Dry

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • G2 Coated

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Powerdot

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • HD Dry

    Votes: 8 53.3%

  • Total voters


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HD Dry and ST Dry over Hazy 300 are what I always used when I using Evans. With an 8" deep snare you might wanna use a Glass 500.


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I have the Evans Power Center Reverse Dot batters on most of my snares. If I know that I'll be doing a lot of brush work, I'll change it to an Evans G1 coated for a bit more sensitivity.



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I just bought an EC reverse dot hazy with a hazy 300 on the reso and I like it alot. I didn't vote because I use different heads on different snares. I have a Genera dry hd on my 12. not sure what I 'm putting on my 14, prolly a G-plus. Drum heads are like women, they all act different, yet the same.


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modern vintage medium weight on the 58 slingerland ply, new orleans special on the supra

EDIT: oh, missed the big EVANS in the title. I don't like their heads. They sound good for a while, then go dead quicker than lightning.

Optimus Prime

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My favorite Evans snare head is the Genera Dry. Not the HD (double ply) version, just the single ply one.

Sounds great.


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Evans J1 Etched on the snare. Over an Ambassador weight Snare side.

I have them on a 5x14 COB, 6.5x14 maple dynasonic, and an 8x14 Superten. Very open. Very responsive.


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You forgot G1 too.. I like G1 on snares and EC2 on toms. I'm gonna be trying G1 for toms next time.


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Right now I'm sporting EQ3s on my bass drums, Genera dry hd on my side snare, ec reverse dot on my main snare. I intend to replace my toms with G2 top, G1 bottoms. Love me some Evans heads!


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Genera. I've used a lot of Evans but I tune my snare extremely tight to give it that pop that almost makes u wince when u crack on it. lol.


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Well now I've gone bold and got the new Hybrid Snare Batter and waiting for my Glass 500 reso to arrive...so got a remo Ambassador on reso. That hybrid head is killer on a deep snare like the 14x6.5 ultra-cast.