Favorite 3 drum solos....


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#1 Moby Dick - John Bonham (Youtube, drummerworld)
#2 Buddy Rich & Gene Krupa Drum battle (Youtube)
#3 Dave Grohl's drum solo when he was 17 and in 'Scream', he was a wicked drummer then too :D (Youtube)


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Moby Dick, John Bonham, *youtube, etc.

Toad, GInger Baker, *no clue where to find it

And any Buddy Rich solo usually blows me away!


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#3 - Tony Royster Jr.'s 12 year old drum solo (you should see him play now that he's all grownup!)

#2 - Grant Collin's bass drum rendition of Wilcoxon's 144th

#3 - Dave Weckle, Vinnie Coliauta, Steve Gadd Drum battle
aka clash of the titans!!


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Well, let's see. There's the 19-minute bootleg I have of a Vinnie Colaiuta clinic in which at one point he plays STRONG sextuplets with his left hand to a swing ride. It's 19 minutes of drum porn. The only place I know where it exists is on my Mac, which is currently in need of a new power cord. I'll try to post it when I get my Mac powered up again.

I also love the drum battle between Gadd, Weckl, and Vinnie. That's actually on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gekqb0FWSPc

Perhaps the most beautiful playing I've heard is Elvin Jones on Coltrane's A Love Supreme, a standard jazz album that should be in every drummer's CD collection.


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My favs are:

1. Neil Peart- Der Trommler form R30

2. Mike Portnoy- Drum solo from Live @ Budakon (love the involvment)

3. Hmmm can't think of another one of the top of my head......so many good ones.[/list]


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I love all the old stuff Cobham etc, but these are some of my RECENT favs.....

Tony Royster's solo on his Pure Energy video

Dennis Chambers on the Live in Paris cd (John Mclaughlin)

Dave Weckl on Drummers Collective ( melodic + percussive solo)


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Shrieve's Woodstock solo was agreeably good.
I like Graham Lear's Solo from the Santana - Moonflower - Head, Hands and Feet. Also from that same album was Jepito Areas on Timbalero amazing phrashing that guy has matched with strong raw chops.

2. Joey Heredia - On the Frank Gambale LIVE cd.


3. All those Buddy Rich solo's that old man blows past most everyone on my list.

4. OF course Vigil needs mentioning.

So many come to mind....alot of drummers have something unique to share.


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gene krupa vs buddy rich, can be found at drummerworld.com
toad (ginger baker owns =P) can be found at drummerworld.com
the rhythm method (neil peart owns too =P) can be found at drummerworld.com

and since i haven't watched moby dick... i can't voice my opinion on it. when i get 30 min of free time i'll let you all know what i think :wink:


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My Fav 3 drum solos were from drum clinics I went to:

1. Steve Smith drum clinic.

2. Dave Weckl drum clinic.

3. Akira Jimbo drum clinic.

Just look up any of these guys on youtube.com & you will be amazed also.


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Favorite three drum solos:

1. Clash of the titans- Weckl, Colaiuta, and Gadd

2. Billy Martin- Latin Shuffle

3. Mitch Mitchell- If 6 was 9 (It's short, but it rules)

I don't know if that's exact, but it's the first three that I thought of, and do truly love.


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Ian Paice: The Mule (Deep Purple "Made In Japan")
Neal Peart: YYZ (Rush "Exit Stage Left")
Joe Morello: Far More Drums (Dave Brubeck Quartet "Time Further Out")

And because I can't possibly pick just 3...

Buddy Rich: From The Sticks (Buddy Rich "Compact Jazz - Buddy Rich")
Ginger Baker: Toad (Cream "Fresh Cream")
Joe Morello: Take Five (Dave Brubeck Quartet "Time Out")
Terry Bozzio: Hands With A Hammer (Frank Zappa: "YCDTOSA Vol. 3")
Tony Williams: Mr. Spock (The New Tony Williams Lifetime "Believe It")
John Bonham: Moby Dick (Led Zeppeling "The Song Remains The Same")
Phil Collins & Chester Thompson: Drum Duet (Genesis "The Mama Tour")
Bill Bruford & Pat Mastelotto: B'Boom (King Crimson "Thrak")

Mike T

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1. Ginger Baker "Toad" from the album Cream Wheels of Fire

2. John Bohnam "Moby Dick" anyone you find is good but i love the one on the song remains the same.

3. Vito Delapada, canned heat from the song "Refried Boogie" simply brillant!


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666metaldrummer":10lxpz6z said:
Joey jordenison (slipknot) youtube
You may want to look at some other drummers. Like his influences. He had influences.. shocking isn't it? Tony Royster Jr.'s solo when he was 12 years old destroys anything Joey has done. Also... it is spelled Jordison.

Everyone... look up on youtube (if you haven't seen it) Tony Royster Jr 12 year old drum solo YOU WILL BE AMAZED.


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My 3 favorites are of drummers playing together. I prefer not to call them battles :)

Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd
Ed Shaughnessy, Buddy Rich
Charly Antolini, Pete York, Huub Janssen

Easily the 3 best in my book. I can watch these over and over and over for hours. I have them posted on myspace, click my sig to watch them. I think they are all posted at drummerworld too.