fave drum song


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this has probably been discussed before, but what is your favorite piece of recorded drumming

i have loads, but recently been listening to the police live double album. disc 1, the beds too big without you - no matter how many times i have listened to it, mr copeland is just incredible - the middle section just makes my jaw drop. the rest of the disc 1 is also incredible. disc 2 is a pile of pants, far too produced for a live album. disc 1 of their first american tour is special


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I'd still have to say everything Gadd did on Chick Corea's The Leprechaun. It still defines "modern drumming" to me some 30 years later.


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I always like Mike Portnoy's work..and Lars Ulrich in his hey day whipped out some nasty stuff too. Dyer's Eve is probably my favorite song recorded on the drums! :twisted:


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I have a couple, actually. One o'clock Jump w/Buddy Rich also Under A Glass Moon/Dream Theatre. With Under A Glass Moon, I thinks it's just the overall arrangement of the song. I just really like it.