fav drum heads


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Whats your favorite type of drum heads.

I prefer a completely coated snare head, and for toms im still not 100%. I'm still experimenting with em 8) :roll: 8)


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That all depends on the drum. I used Remo clear Emperors for years on my toms, and Aquarian texture coated 2 ply. I use Remo power stroke #'s on all my kick drums.

I currently use evans G2 coated on toms, and clear EC2's depending on the sound I need for the situation.

I havn't found a snare head I ever liked yet. I like the clarity of a Remo ambassodor over a 2 ply head.

break the prism

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toms: evans genera g1 or g2 coated on top, remo clear ambassadors on the bottom
bass drum: evans EMAD (thin felt)
snare: remo coated dry, remo clear ambassador on the bottom


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For me, i go with remo all the way. What is probably the easiest thing for anyone prefering remo heads is to get the Pinstripe and Powerstroke Drum Heads Fusion ProPack from musiciansfrinend.com. However, i never seem as sastisfied with the snare head they offer, so i purchase a pinstripe batter head on the side.