Famous Drum Songs in History (Must Knows)


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Just thought after seeing the hardcore post I would start this Topic as I thought it would be Fun & Interesting.

Just Name a few and talk over some Famous Drum Tunes or Solos Everyone (Even non-drummers) Should Recognize.

Name 1-5 that you know and lets try and not repeat to get a good list going.

Obvious Examples:
1. The Rover - Led Zeppelin
2. Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin
3. Too Hard To Handle - The Black Crowes
4. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter
5. One - Metallica

To make sure everyone is Clear on this Post.

Its about what is a Recognizable Song to a Listener just by hearing the Drums, Imagine a Drummer playing a Rhythm or Fill and you could Name the Song he was thinking of. I am really going for Historic Songs but I think its Great that some new Identifiable songs are popping up we can all check out and know (Please tell us why its memorable if it is a song thats been done in the past say 10 years).

Drumtrilescent":tt2wntez said:
Shouldn't replies to this topic consist of FAMOUS songs in which the drum part is extremely well known, or where the drummer did something new and revolutionary? It seems like all but a few are listing obscure bands or obscure songs. I think there's already a forum for favorite bands, where you can impress us all with your list of underground bands you don't really listen to. This topic is asking for songs that are WELL KNOWN by MOST PEOPLE(not just drummers)for their drum parts:

Come Together
50 Ways to leave your lover
Moby Dick

Saying "anything by(insert band here)" is ridiculous. Do you really mean to say that a band's ENTIRE CATOLOGUE is made up of famous drum parts? Not even the best bands in history can make that claim, and I see it made here for some of the worst(Metallica, Tool, etc). A lot of people think that drummers are meat-heads; let's try not to propagate that theory, and stay on topic.
AS "Drumtrilescent" Said please be specific and dont name ENTIRE CATOLOGUE of bands. Lets make this a FUN THREAD!

break the prism

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Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks (at least the intro)
Aerosmith - Walk this Way
Primus - My Name is Mud
Rush - Tom Sawyer (at least during the break)
Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida (drum solo)

Rob the Drummer

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Dog Boots- Virgil Donati (inverted foot doubles at 200bpm with a groove on top of it!)
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover- Steve Gadd (always on the top)
Fire Garden Suite- Mike Mangini (I asked him to play it at a clinic and he did!)
Aenima- Danny Carey (Just a great drum tune)
Anything from Primus' Antipop album!

That's enough for now.


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Had to add 3 of my favs to joke around with in between sets.

Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
Keep It Separated (Intro) - Offspring
Lowrider - War


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1. YYZ- Rush
2. Good times Bad times- Zepplin
3. Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
4. Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
5. Revolution is My Name - Pantera


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1. pretty much anything by lettuce
2. lateralis - tool
3. anything by maceo parker
4. black hearts now reign - unearth
5. shimmy - system of a down

i find the drummer of system of a down doesnt get enough credit, especially for shimmy ( i still cannot figure out the ghost pattern thing he does).

Also i agree with moby dick but it sounds like he repeats to much making it boring after the first 5 minutes.


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Rosanna - Toto
50 Ways - Paul Simon
Late in the Evening - Paul Simon
Seven Days - Sting
I hung my Head - Sting
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel (secret World live CD)
Cold Sweat - James Brown
Sex Machine - James Brown
I'll be Around - The Spinners


Steven McTowelie

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i know it's a lot newer and definitely not as great as all the other songs posted here, but i'd also have to say a certain shade of green by incubus. the stuff jose pasillas does in that song is amazing.


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Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden (Nicko McBrain)
Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden (Clive Burr)
Any of the drumming in Sonata Arctica's stuff is pretty sweet.
Nicko McBrain's drum solo at "Pieces of Stockholm" in 1983.
Poundcake by Van Halen
And I'll mention a second time: Hot for Teacher by Van Halen


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God I cant believe any hasnt mentioned it yet
Aja by steely dan
but nicely pointed out on the whole tot/paul simon side of things, and james brown :)
Superstition by Stevie wonder is surely one
And Down in Hollywood by Ry Cooder