Experiment: you drum, I guitar


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I don't know why my first post was deleted...

---You record drums, I record the rest.---

Hey drummers, (not spam, not making money off this)

I'm a musician hoping to hook up with a few of you for an 'internet music project'.

The basic idea is record yourself playing the drums in a somewhat song-format, Send it to me (email, fileshare, provide link, etc), I'll finish the song and post a link to it.

I don't want to waste space in this forum, so visit
http://drumupload.blogspot.com/ for an email address and more details.
-the cricket

(I'll check back on this forum for any questions, etc)


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My advice to all members is to ignore this thread. If this guy wants drummers to play sessions, let him pay them for their efforts.

Nice try buddy.