EX --> ECX?


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I have an Export kit right now, and this beautiful Export Custom kit just came in at Long and McQuade... Kind of a satin brown, you can see the grain... Lovely... and it comes in a one up-two down setup that's just awesome.

Tell me, is it worth it to go from a cheap poplar export to an all maple export? It's supposed to replace the Session series, so I've heard. Anyone played one?


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if theyre just sessions with a different name then theyre worth it. ive played sessions and theyre great sounding drums. if you like the sound and think its worth the price to upgrade then by all means do it.


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Yea defo, if they're all maple shells, the session series was a lovely kit in my opinion, so if it's just replacing that i would defo get it.

I'm assuming it's 6 ply ?


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I owned a masters and a sessions, both kits were comparable in my opinion. I even had an export long ago.. you can't go wrong with pearl. I had posted not to long ago about these kits. I'm probably going to get one to gig with myself. I'm not into spending alot of money on drums anymore when these companies are making drums for alot less that do the same thing. I know what it is like to dump 6k out for a kit and believe they are nice but your not getting much less with todays technolgy in drum building.