Evans Torque Drum Key, Anyone?


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I use an Evans Torque Drum Key to even the tension b4 each of our semi-weekly jam sessions. So I/we play about 6 hours a week. I also own & use an almighty DrumDial but only use that before recording, changing heads, & moving my set. DD is easy to use when dismounting your drums, which I refuse to do for our idea-capturing, music-making & refleshing out jam sessions. Here's the Evans Torque Drum Key to which I refer: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Evans-Torque-Drum-Key?sku=443805

Does anyone have any set parameters in using an Evans Torque Drum Key for your toms, snare, & bass drum? All my batter heads are about a month+ old. I generally set my Gretsch's toms & bass drum batter heads to "5", snare batter to "6", & even them out as best I can that way. Anyone else? Thanx! :D


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ya know, that sounds cool man. ive never used one of those. but i think i may have to try it out...