Evans EC2 anyone?


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I'm slowly adapting myself to the thought of changing my drumheads - I've been playing my G1 coated for the last year a few hours almost every day and I think it's high time to change them. I've heard a lot of good opinions about those new EC2 heads. They're supposed to give you that fat, warm, low sound without that "I'm playing on a bucket" sound which IMHO is what pinstripes sound like. I'd like to know if anyone of you guys is using them and could write some thoughts about those EC2 heads?


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First post! :D

I used to be a Pinstripe guy, then switched over to G2 clears.

When the EC2's came out, I immediately purchased a set & tried them out.....I haven't looked back yet.

The EC2's are punchy like a pinstripe, yet they have a solid amount of tone like the G2 does. Your description is pretty much on the money. Tone control, without sounding like you stuffed your toms full of towels to get rid of the overtones.

FWIW this is on a Yamaha Recording custom kit. I'm using G2 coated heads on my 8/10/12/14 toms to record with, but I just can't get away from the EC2 on the 16" tom! When I play live, it's EC2's on top and G2 clears on the bottom all around.


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thanks for the feedback - recently I've been also considering Attack 2 Ply Thin Skin


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when i replace my heads ill be getting ec2s over g1s. ive played them on a pearl reference set and i was blown away by them and if g2s enhanced my swingstars the ec2s should make them even better.


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Go with the EC2! I've had them on my Yamaha Stage Custom since they came out. they're incredible. I've had my drums at a Bistro that host tons of shows and every drummer who has played my kit, love the sound! 3 of them have switched to Ec2 from Pinstripes!!!

I now have a 14" EC2 on my 6 X 14" Pearl Free floater just for shits and giggles and it sounds good.

Just get the EC2!


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DRUMSMYWIFE":hb1q4vxa said:
I used ec2 clears their the best, no muffling. Join the Evans army, remo sucks
again, remo does not suck. they make great skins, but i do prefer evans. anyway yeah i use coated ec2s and they have such a wonderful, warm sound.