etymotic earplugs


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this is just a reply to the discussion about using earplugs, but i though it was important that everyone see this post i made earlier...

I use ETY-motic HiFi earplugs and i have to say.... they RULE. They are absolutely the best earplugs you can get without having custom molds made. The cool thing about them is that they don't dampen any of the high or low frequencys (which is what makes normal earplugs sound so muddy). It basically just turns the volume down on what you are playing. In fact I don't even notice that they are in anymore. Everything sounds just as clear when they are in my ears as when they are not, but when i take them out, my ears aren't ringing from my guitarists full stack!

I give ETY earplugs two thumbs up, and suggest that all of you invest in a pair... hell buy two! besides at 13 dollars for plugs case and detachable necklace, you can't go wrong! Believe me your ears and your wallet will thank you!


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How much were they?
I have these gay little orange earplugs that you buy in bulk, they plug into your ears but they fall out unless you put earphones/mits around them, it works pretty good but I'm thinking of upgrading.