entire drum set for sale


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im selling my drums to help pay for a cash car so i can sell off the current car i have, pay off the loan and focus on college 100%

pdp by dw maple cx in white onyx

8,10,12,14" toms with the dw style tom mounts
18x22 kick drum(set was 700 new, plus 130 for the 8" tom_
pearl 3x13 piccolo(130)
pearl curved icon rack(350 with extra clamp and boom arm)
pearl high hat stand(80)
pdp high hat stand (80)
dw5000 double bass pedal(350 new)
yamaha snare stand(60 new_
zildjian avedis 20" ping ride(240 new)
paiste 502 20" ride(120? new)
sabian aax 14" dark crash(small crack)(140 new, its cracked a little so keep that in mind)
sabian aax 14" studio crash(130 new)
sabian aax 16" dark crash(150 new)
sabian aa 14" high hats(200 new)
sabian 13" b8 high hats(100 new)
wuhan 8" splash
wuhan 12" china
wuhan 16" china
all the boom arms/clamps you need to set it up
drum hardware case(100)
ddrum bass drum trigger(60 new)

i dont want to break it up, because i dont wanna sell someone a high hat top and a drum head. haha
all reasonable offers considered.


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hay, you dont suppose you could like, just sell the drums? like the 8,10,12,14, and the bass? i may want the cymbals too, ah, nevermind hahaha, just talk to me on AIM, my screen name is, tacowacho, or you can e-mail me tacowacho@yahoo.com but i would rather talk on aim :]


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hey, if thats one bass drum.. i got a buddie lookin for a set,, need the Bass,12", 14",, the floor tom and 2 crashes a ride and a high hat. and snare.. if tahst possible tell me how much,... (oh p.s, the stands to)