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Hey folks,

Not sure if I've posted this in the right section of the forum, but my question is: For those of you who have endorsement deals with drum, cymbal, stick, etc. companies, what did you do to get the deal? How can I go about endorsing a company's products? Any tips?


Mr. Pants

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Just contact their A&R department (through their website) and find out who takes care of endorsements. They will find out what you are doing to get your name spread (therefore theirs, also) about the country and decide what kind of endorsement to give you.

I had to submit my bands calander from the previous year and send them a cd.

Good luck!



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most of the companies I work with want an in-depth, pro-quality press kit to review. The biggest factors are usually album sales and touring schedules- they want to know that you offer a lot of product exposure.
things they typically look for:

Professional 8X10 promotional pic of you and your band
professional media; DVD
Biographies of you and your band
Any and all CDs that best represent you and your band
Band website(s)
List of current endorsements
Current list of tour dates
Your current equipment list
Any reviews of you or your band via print or internet
References, which should include: Management contact, label contacts, etc.

many brands want to know how long you've been with the band, and expect you to be signed to a label.

I submit my info by finding their contact info online and sending an introductory message requesting endorsement details, if they don't explain it on their site. If they already have the info on their site, I send a presskit with cover letter to their AR address.

I wouldn't discount Myspace as a viable forum for finding connections too- the drum company I'm speaking to presently is one I came across by being referred to their Myspace page.


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mr. m has hit it on the head.
they want to know how many dates a year ,where,with who,
label tour or no.etc. and that still might just get you a discount.
try independent companies that are really trying to be seen.


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I also heard, that it is good to persuade the producer that you will make young people(15-25, who are the most willing to buy new instruments and most influenced by advertisements) buy the gear. Also your attitude is important. Try getting endorsed with a company you believe in. If they sense your only looking for free gear, it's not gonna happen.


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The endorsements I have had, and have now I believe were granted because of my belief in the products in question (I think they are the best based on a quality/cost ratio) because I wouldn't put my name to a product that I wouldn't buy anyway and nor would I expect anyone to buy the product as a result of my endorsement for the same reason.

The prime motivation for endorsements is often a business one for pro players; support, consistency of supply, profile enhancement, very rarely is it 'just to get free gear'. When you are tied into a company, it is a serious responsibility and can preclude you from changing brands on a whim.

Once you have decided which brands would best serve you (and of course; which ones you like the most!), you have to present yourself to them as an ambassador for thier product and then they will decide if you will serve their best interests.

If you are declined by say; your favourite cymbal company and then get endorsed by a different cymbal company, be assured, your first choice will know about it, which could make a switch further along in your career problematic. It'd be better to stick with the brands you really like until such time as your career has progressed to a point for your version of drum heaven.
as much as im agreeing with these comments about sticking with your desired product on the problems of just settling with whoever offers first we have to really see a bigger picture. most drummers who get signed are still young in music years as i see it. im 18 n my fave drums are mapex and my fave cymbals are paiste...... but whos to say that wont change and linked to that if i got signed to my favourite now n my oppinion did change what would i do then.... theres so many different products and makes and so on to choose from people discover new favourites and change their mind all the time..... personally i would be honoured that anyone considered me good enough to appeal to young musicians enough that these kids would go out n buy that product just because im playing it..... lifes too short to just sit around and wait for things to happen....... the only drum makes i would probs turn down are things like yamaha and pearl..... i love most of the others like tama and DW and mapex i would be happy with any of those theyre all fantastic and high quality!


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i sent silverfox and C&C some info in an emial and they contacted me, but a few other companies ive looked into want the full blown presskit, and like it was said before, playing and beliveing in a product before you get endorsed helps. i would be playing Silverfox no matter what, but being an artist is cool.