Emotion and Ear Protection


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I find it hard to play with my usual feeling when I use a hearing protector.

Hearos or something like that. I know its really good for you in the sense of protecting your ears by having them in because I'm usually deaf-by-ringing after a good set. I like having the safety of something like hearos but my playing suffers.
Any recommendations?

I like the bite of the cymbals when it hits, but I want to be able to hear my grandkids in awe praise me when I tell them I was a kick-ass drummer.

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eventually you get used to it. i just started wearing vic firth sound isolation head phones and at first i played like i would in a studio but after awhile I was able to get past that and just rock out like I did before. I still dont use them for shows though, this is just a rehearsal thing for me.


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In-Ear-Monitors can be a healthy compromise. Might take a little while to get used to the feel, but they actually can help save your hearing while letting you hear just what you want to. Most offer enough isolation to protect you from the high stage-volume levels.

You don't have to run them at high volume (shouldn't really, to be safe). It lets you get a very clear mix, and with the right mixing and routing you can hear only what you want to hear, or even hear things you probably couldn't otherwise, on-stage at volume. Some folks include an ambient stage mic in their mix, just to pick up the 'feeling' of what it sounds like on-stage. Then you can lower the volume to a safe level, but still hear the crowd, and whatever else you need to.

It's not a cheap solution, but it's rapidly becoming many people's preferred monitoring setup.


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Try putting your plugs in 30 to 45 mins before the show
Although it is more mental than physical, it is akin to wearing sunglasses inside
Once you subject your ears to a lower volume situation, your brain will start to adjust
Of course, it is not like the $150 custom plugs that are molded to your ear canal and it is not like a $400 in ear monitor kit but it is the cheapest and easiest way to go
here's a tip
Don't take a shortcut with just buying the in ear buds themselves
I damaged my hearing worse because i was sending an uncompressed full range signal directly into my ears through the headphone jack
I have a hard time with conversation in a crowded place

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i have a habit of feeling the rhythm when i play more than listening to myself. what i do is wear my isolation headphones from work. i can still hear the bass, guitar, keyboards, horns, etc. the vibration of the drums is muffled so i can play by feeling.

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Rockula!":2b0t56y0 said:
Yeah, and those isolation headphones look ultra cool too
I use them in practice and on stage, mainly as I have to play to a click for our songs.

You can still hear what you're doing and don't have to have them up load either. They're also cheap compared to a lot of other stuff!