Electric Drum Help!!


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Hey everyone!
So I bought this cheap electric drum set,
OSP's DD-502.

Its a decent little kit for 400 bucks, i was pretty amazed at the quality of this kit for what I paid.
Its no ROLAND, but for the cost it does the job.
I only purchased the kit for strictly practice only!!
I have my Pearls for shows and band practice, I needed somthing to jam on here at the house that wouldn't drive the family completely crazy!

Well heres the problem. These drums arent all that quiet!!!!
I'm not sure if any of you have played these drums, but the pads are very loud!
The heads on these pads come off and can be replaced with any type of head.
I figured maybe go out and buy some Mesh heads..
Well, those run about 20-25 bucks a piece, I cant spend another 125 on this!

SO, just wondering if anybody can think of anything I can make here or do to these drums to make em quiet.
I have been thinking and trying a few things, but might as well see if anyone else has any ideas!

You can find some different videos and someone did a good review of the kit on youtube.

Please let me know if any of you have any ideas!!! These are to loud and almost defeat the purpose of buying them!
Thanks a lot everyone!
Oh, and if you would like me to take any pictures or possibly video of the kit for ideas, let me know what ya want and i'll do it.
Thanks so much for the help!
Its much appreciated!!!!!! Very Happy