ego drum parts


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as soon as possible, which will probably be this summer when i will have a job, i plan on making a custom snare. i can't really call this a build as i will just be finishing and assembling but nevertheless this will be made to my specs. i'm going for a deeper, fatter sound our of this drum (opposed to my vented spaun's dry, very defined sound) so i was thinking a 14x7 shell. my plan for hardware is pretty mapped out already but i wanted to get a second opinion. ive asked timekeep about ego lugs before because ive been planning on using them for as long as i can remember, but i need some input on their throwoff. the throwoff is quite a bit llike trick's with a lateral 180 degree swing but the cool thing about it is that it can be moved to any position on that swing and stay there due to friction. have any of you used this throwoff and does it work as well as they say it does? it would just go with the trick but this one has a very cool design and i think that it would benefit me to get this one since i plan on having ego cut and drill my shell when i order it (i figure it's just easier for them to drill a shell for their own hardware anyway). so...any word?