Effective Drum Workouts


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I was just wondering....I have my own basic routine for working on basic chops like speed and coordination, but does anyone have an effective routine that they use. it doesn't matter how long it is. i would really appreciate it if you would point one out or wright it out as a reply or something.


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this is just a simple warm up that i do. 8 on a side. first right hand with right foot, then left hand with left foot. then i switch to right hand left foot, left hand right foot. i start stupid slow and just build up speed each time. its not necessarily a chop builder, but its good for warming up and works a little on independence.


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My band has 22 originals we have written. We play all 22 at normal speed, then we play em' again as fast as I can go. I get burnt out but we only practice once a week plus we have like 2 shows every weekend. I consider our shows my practice sometimes too.


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Mine's adapted from the Virgil Donati "Power Drumming" video. I changed things around to avoid boredom, but the overall workout is still essentially the same.


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I always start with 16th hand to hand simultaneous with foot to foot.
Then I do 8 notes R only with fingers and 8 with L for a time.

I often go to the rehearsal root an hour before actual reheasal to practice and getting warm. Quite bad if my guys want to rock it and after one song my arms are like concret. So I really like warming up long time before actually playing. I also use some "stick gymnastics" ;)