effect cymbals and cymbal setups


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when is too much too much? I currently have an ice bell6.5 medium effect, a 12 and 10 zildjian splashes,an 18 and 12 china(18 is a zildjian,12 is a wuhan)a 20 k zildjian dry light ride,an 18 zildjian medium thin crash, 2 sabian b8 16 crashes and a sabian 16 b8 pro thin crash and my hats are zidjian new beats from the 80's(sound awsome)lottsa chick and I switched over to dw 7002 pedals as my iron cobra 900's were giving me alot of trouble.


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wow you keep your cymbals clean i gotta clean my cymbals probaly will today cause all mine are brilliant finished except for my hi hats