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I've noticed that when I practice with my earplugs in, my drums have infinitely better sound quality. I was wondering, is what I hear with the plugs in sound roughly like what the qudience hears? I mean, because they can't hear as many of the overtones and snare buzz in the audience as I can behind the kit. So Another question is: do drums sound better with a band playing over then then it sounds to the drummer.? I guess I've never really thought about it, but the audience is really getting the best part of the sound.

I hope I get my question accross correctly. Thanks.


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sound travels so wat sounds like a crack on the snare to you might sound like a low drone sound to the audience..To hear your drums the best is to wear earplugs because you get "true sound" like as if you were the person in the wayyyyy back of the show listening to your kit...If you ever have a fellow drummer or close friend or [someone that u trust to hit a few drums] let them and go outside and hear your kit....you might be suprised at the sound you might get..


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they sound better because the
ear plugs filter out all the
over tones, the crowd doesnt notice either
unless they wear ear plugs
(i do, i dont go deaf, and i hear better!)
and to the other question
id say yes too because a band also helps
with the overtones


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ear plugs do filter out all the noise and over tones uaually making your drums sound really rocking to you. but thats not what the crowd hears. if thats what was coming out of your drums, by the time it gets though the PA and to the 3rd row of the crowd it would be lost in the mix. you're drums need that body and some of the overtones to sustain their quaities as a drum. and thats where the sound guy comes it. being able to keep the body and tone but gate it so it blends and sounds big and full.


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Not sure why nobody mentioned this yet, as it seems VERY important to me.

It depends what kind of earplugs you're using.... I find the shitty ones, or the construction-style muffs make drums sound like shit as they only filter certain frequencies... But my custom molded -15dB ones make drums sound good ! 8)