DW5000: Turbo Vs. Accelerator


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I'd like to know if anyone has any experience on both the Accelerator model and the Turbo models. I'd appreciate any enlightenment from anyone has played both types substantially.



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I have used both. I started with Turbo (center, circle shaped) one that I used for 5 years then I bought a second set that was the Accelerator (offset, oval shaped). I didn't know the second set was the Accelerator until I got it home and started using it.

Being used to the Turbo I immediately noticed a difference. The A pedal literally accelerates your stroke making more of a snap of a stroke so your sound is a little louder initially. Once you get used to the feel of it you could play at light volumes easily. The T pedal is a smooth as silk motion that just does exactly what you do with your foot. Soft, hard, slow, fast, what your foot does the beater does.

After playing with both of them I kept the newer A pedal on my kit as I was playing rock stuff at the time. If I had a lower volume gig I used the T pedal though I could easily use the A pedal.

A cool thing on the new 9000 pedals is that they can set the cam at either setting or in between. I currently have mine set at the full Accelerator setting.


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the DW 5000AD3 is exellent. its so easy to paly fast strokes and you have such control and accuracy in the pedal. each stroke can be powerfully accented or very subtle.. i love it. though i have never tried the turbo.. :twisted:


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the dw5000AD3 are great, bought them a few months ago

really appreciate their "reactivity", good response, sound, and a kind of "regularity" really easy to find during double bass sequences..
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hi all,so my first 5000 A pedal i bought back in 1992,then i went to yamaha,then i turned back to ,5002A,then tried the iron cobra,and then went back to 5002A,also tried the 9000 recently so thats as close to what I have come in trying the turbo,well my point is ive tried many different pedals in my drumming experince and always keep going back to DW,so as far as i go either one,i guess the turbo is more for all around playing guys like vinnie colaiuta and steve smith use it,as to the accelerator is more for rock 'n roll or hard rock oriented players.

but DW is the way to go at least in my opinion

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I was trying the T and A models (single).... i have to say, the A fits me a lot better.