DW "Twisted" finish


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I was checkin out dw's site today and and came across this, i thought i would share it with everyone.

Is that floor tom to the left of the hi hat a snare drum? I do see a throw-off! And these remind me of some paneling that my dad put up in the late 1970s.



Holy crap it is! that is weird!


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It's called the Ballad snare, just looked on the DW site

"The Collector's Series® Ballad Snare is a 10x16" snare drum on legs. As the name suggests, the Ballad Snare provides plenty of low-end punch for heavy backbeat applications. Complete with custom snare beds, snare wires and Delta throw-off, it can be ordered in any Collector's Series® finish combination."


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Im a DW guy all the way, but I don't like that new finish very much, looks like 1970's interior design gone bad. Th ballad snare I could see being cool for some applications, I would never use it though


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Rockula's "Hulk" snare has the ballad beast beat, I bet-

I can't decide if I like that finish/motif or not.
I like exotic woods, but that one's pushing it~


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Does it look cool? Yes. Would I own it? Nah. The snare on legs is a cool concept, though I would never have any use for it.


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It needs different colors. That really does look like cheap '70s paneling.

I'm a fan of big snares, but that might be a bit over the edge. I'm assuming there's no snare stand that can hold that thing, hence the legs.


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