DW Single Pedal - 9000 Series


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I got this pedal a couple months ago - i used it about 2 - 3 weeks out of that time - so probably six shows and twice in the studio -
this is a great pedal but it's just not for me -
i don't need my pedal to be as precise as this one goes and i would return it but i hit the limit on the days -
$200 - bag, original box, drum key, strap, all extra hardware included- plus shipping - which shouldn't be too bad -
let me know


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EyeJuan2Rock":8wig1r43 said:
drumteacher41":8wig1r43 said:
Hi Is it a single or double pedal? I am interested if it's a double pedal...DT41

No offense, man, but did you miss the part in the title where it said "single"? :wink:

Unfortunately I guess i did, sorry should pay more attention.....DT41