DW 9000 Single Pedal


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I've herd very very good things about this pedal. But im looking for some opinion's from any of you who have used them. Do they live up to the..well.."hype" if you will? :?:


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very very adjustable. leteraly any little thing you could ever wanna adjust on it can be adjusted fairly easily.

opinion though. and this is just my opinion, im a fan of the iron cobra. still very adjustable and like 130 bucks for a single pedal compared to 260 for the dw.

but thats just my take, i know tons of people love the dw stuff. i just perfer the iron cobra because i've used the same iron cobra pedal for over 5 years now and never had any problem with it.


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i played the dw 9000 at a local guitar center and i feel that it is just to smooth....i like like my iron cobra....but would switch back to pearl pedals if i was gonna change...

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Im with drummert2k. Ive been usin my Iron Cobra for about 4 years now and its dirty and beat up but Ive never had a single problem out of it. I did have the opportunity to use the 9000, in the studio, and I loved it but its just a little outta my price range. It wasnt, really, noticeably better than my IC but I just liked the feel of it.


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I love my 9000. When I first switched over from the Iron Cobra it took a few days to get used to. These pedals feel completely different from each other. The IC feels alot more solid under your foot, but the 9000 is much more smooth and quick. Alot of the metal guys seem to like the Iron Cobra, and I'm guessing that's because it's easier to get more volume and intensity on the kick (I dont play that much metal so I could be way off base). I recommend the 9000 because I feel like I'm much more precise with it, and it just feels better.
Only an opinion, of course.


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In my opinion, it's a matter of personnal preference.I have tested DW 9000 pedals @ the local music store and was very impressed.However, being a realistic person,the price is way out of my league.I have had no issues with the Pearl Eliminator Pedals I use. They are well made and half the cost of DW's.

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I own the 9002 and it it amazing. The iron cobra is my second favorite, followed by axis longboards. 9002 is worth the money i think though.

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i have a dw5000 single. there sweet as. probs the best single pedal i've ever played. im thinking of upgrading to mayb 5000 or 9000 doubles. but eliminators are much cheaper and every1 use's them here.


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I know this is about the single but my complaint holds true for the single as well as the double. Anyhow!

A few months ago some rotten scoundrel swapped my relativley new excellent condition iron cobra double pedal for his, which was held together mostly by tie wraps and some misc. nuts and bolts.

Well after I got over my anger I set out to buy a new pedal.

I sat down and spent several hours comparing the DW9000, Pearl Eliminators, and the Iron Cobras.

Here is what I found, the DW's have very very smooth feeling, but to me the factoy installed springs feel sluggish on the return even with the springs cranked all the way. Also I found that you cannot independently adjust the beater angle in regards to the drive cam. See the cam and the clamp that holds the beater are one peice. So as I attempted to adjust up the spring tension a little more I found that it will pull the beater back to where it is practically touching your foot, and there is no way to roll the beater forward.

Here you can see where the cam and beater clamp are one peice.

Now on the on the Iron Cobra, these are seperate peices. This allows you to adjust your beater angle independently of cam position or foot board height. I also found that the spring tension was more adjustable on the iron cobra.

That is not the best image but if you look closely you can see the cam and the beater clamp are two seperate peices. Also you will see there is a black allen screw at the bottom of the beater clamp, once you lossen this you can move the mallet to any position you want. I was unable to find a way to do this with the DW9000. I do see where this adjustment can be made on thier lower lines but if you look they are using a hex shaft and the beater clamp has a set screw, so with that setup you would only have a few positions to choose from so you would not have the completly independent adjustability of the Iron Cobra.

Anyhow because of that I bought the Iron Cobra AGAIN! I've since talked with a few other drummers and apparently this is an adjustment they have not noticed or had a need for, they generally say wow I didn't know you could adjust that, or that they've always just played with the beater where ever it was at. Another guy I talked to went out and bought an Iron Cobra the next day.

Anyhow I'm not saying one is better then the other, it all depends on your playing style and what works for you, but this was the one draw back I saw to the DW pedal and thought I would share!

Oh and the pearl, while I thought was really interesting with the quick change cams, it felt like nothing I'd ever played before. So aside from playing with the cams, which is a really cool feature I didn't get much into it as I just didn't like the feel of it but once again thats user preference.
i will never spend that much on a single. The only single Pedal i would purchase is the Iron Cobra Glide Single Pedal. 250 for a single pedal, i would buy the Eliminator or Iron Cobra Double Pedal. Also the DW 7000 Pedal is Great, which i currently have :D