DW 7002 or Iron Cobra Jr

i am looking to buy another better double pedal but cannot decide which one to buy. currently i have the Pacific Drums DP402 Double Bass Pedal and it is to heavy for me. i tried them both but still cannot decide. i would like to know if any of you tried one of these? bot h have great reviews and rating. i would like to know your experiences with them and which one you would recommend. the DW 7002 or the Iron Cobra JR. i play some metal but very little though. i just want one that can be smooth

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Have you tried adjusting your Pacific pedal? If you can make some adjustments to lighten the action, it would be a whole lot cheaper than going out and buying a whole new pedal.
thanks for the tip, but i alreday tried adjusting the tension on the springs but it didnt work. i also have the single pedal and it seems much more smoother than the double pedal. i tried making the single pedal feel like the doulbe but there was not difference. Also the left pedal doesnt respond very well