dumb cymbal question


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sell it for super cheap to someone who cares more about how much they have on their kit more than how good the quality of there gear is. we all know at least one person like this. a 20 piece kit with 60 cymbals that combined is worth like 150 bucks
screamBRYAN":2ijuxqcs said:
how can i make some cash of a slightly cracked cymbal? lol
ebay dude! anyone will buy shit on ebay ive seen people buy air guitars (without the case) and cream eggs on ebay. lol just a suggestion........... :lol:


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I would tell them to buy it and buy Gel pads for it, it'll make it sound slightly better.

I'd buy any cracked cymbal, just like ^ said I would rather have more cymbals than great quality.


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i cracked a cymbal once, luckily my dad works in a metal spinning shop so i got him to cut it down from 16 to about 7-8 inches. its certainly unique


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do wat i did, i put my stick thru my 18" crash so i put it in a lathe and cut it down to about 15" ... now every drummer i no wants it, i could sell it for a fortune, because its like a signiture cymbol, its about as think as a ride but only 15" wide, so it fits nice and sounds out beautifully

then u can decide to sell or keep