DTS Advanced drum tuning system


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is there anyone out there who uses this system? i'm looking for your input and the price that you paid for one. i really can't find any reviews on this product made from Drum Tech.


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I imagine that Modern Drummer will review it after too long. I'm rather skeptical on it. From the ad layouts that I've seen, it would appear to me that the key to using it would be to make sure that your drum is tuned correctly before installation. Why would you want to use a single key to tighten or loosen everything when only one lug slips out of tune? :?

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My initial fear of this product is "WILL IT WARP MY DRUMS!?"

What type of prolonged pressure is this putting on my drum shells?

I would need to be completely sold with some sort of warranty... not a warranty that I would get my money back for the tuning system... but that I would get MY DRUM SHELLS replaced if this product did oblong them.


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Well what do you think of the Arbiret AT system? I have a flats snare and tuning is non-existent :) just put the heads on and you're good to go.


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The DTS system was reviewed in Modern Drummer in the late 1990s.....I don't know why they're trying to pass it off as something new. Maybe because it didn't sell worth a crap in the first place? As soon as I find the issue it was in, I'll repost with the info.


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Yeah i'm skeptical about these too, i've seen one taken apart and it basically looked like a shoe lace wraps around your bearing edges, not cool, also probably not conducive to quick drum head changes.
yeah, I was looking at that in Modern Drummer and I'm not too sure about that this design.. I looked at it a little closer and it seems like the design is set up to stop your lug screws from backing out by placing downward and outward pressure on them with the metal peice that cradles the cable. It seems like there could be some potential for warpage. 500.00? Wow sounds pretty steep.


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Hey! I happened on this site and thought it's members could benefit from FAQs about the DTS.

There are three System Packages of the DTS: 6 Lug- Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price $49.99, 8 Lug- MSRP $54.99, and 10 Lug- MSRP $59.99. Each System Package covers one head per drum. The six lug configuration is available for 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, and 16” diameter drums. The eight lug configuration is available for 12", 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, and 18” diameter drums and the ten lug configuration is available for 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, and 18” diameter drums. Any DTS System Package can either be customized using the DTS System Component products or, via internal adjustment. All three versions work with most manufacturer's drums including those with triple-flange and die-cast hoops. DTS is not compatible with wooden hooped drums.

Why should I bother with the DTS, anyway? I know how to tune my drums.
Even if you're an expert at tuning drums, you can still benefit from installing the DTS. Just about everyone knows that the best way to determine if a drum is tuned properly is to use your ears. The DTS facilitates the process of tuning a drum by ear because it lets you quickly audition a mulitude of bottom (resonating) head pitches while you strike the top (batter) head.

Advanced Drum Tuning System or One-Touch Drum Tuning System; which is it?
It's both! Although the DTS was first correctly tagged as an advanced tuning system, it was eventually decided that 'One-Touch' better describes what the DTS does.

Do you still have to adjust the individual tension rods of DTS equipped drumheads?
No. The tension rods are finger-tightened to pinch the DTS Brackets in-between the tension rod head and the hoop. From that point on, the DTS System does the job of equalizing the pressure around the hoop at any pitch and the tension rod's new function is that of a fulcrum in the lever-action of the DTS Brackets. In fact, because of the pressure exerted by the DTS brackets on the underside of the tension rod head, a side benefit is that the rods won't spin unintentionally.

Should the DTS be installed on one or both drumheads?
Although the main function of the DTS (One-Touch tuning) can be achieved when it is installed on only one drumhead, maximal flexibility is achieved when both heads are equipped with a DTS. Put another way, it only takes one DTS to allow you to play the top (batter) head while you sweep through various pitches of the DTS-equipped bottom (resonating) head. If you want to change the sound of your drumset on a fairly regular basis however, then you should install the DTS on both top and bottom heads. For maximal effect, Drum Tech recommends that the DTS be placed on the bottom head, should only one system be installed per drum.

What make or model drums aren't compatible with the DTS?
Since the DTS is such a new product, it will take a while to determine the answer to that question but in time, Drum Tech will list those models of drums that are incompatible with the DTS on the web site at drumtech.com. Suffice to say however, a drum that inhibits the movement of any portion of the DTS where there is no work-around (such as the Rim-Mount Spacers), that drum is incompatible with the DTS System

Does this system work with RIMS mounts?
Yes, with the Rim-Mount Spacer Kit (sold separately) for rims mount type hardware that supports a drum by the tension rods.

Does the DTS work on snare drums?
Yes, but some snare hardware might obstruct the DTS path and would require a work-around in order to function properly. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Is there a DTS for bass drums?
At present, there is no bass drum version of the DTS.

Does the DTS preserve the relationship between individual tension rods?
No, DTS takes over the job previously done by individual tension rods and is constantly working to equalize pressure to the drum's rim. For special tuning effects, use DTS on the bottom (resonating) head only.

Does it require any special tools or drum modifications to install the DTS?
No. However, it does require a 1/4" Allen wrench (supplied with each DTS System Package) to operate the DTS. For easiest operation, Drum Tech recommends the DTS T-Handle Tuning Wrench (sold seperately).

What is the procedure for changing a head that is equipped with a DTS?
It's the same as it always was except that the DTS must be removed first.

How long does it take to install/remove the DTS?
Once it is properly adjusted for a particular drum, the DTS 'snaps' on and off of that drum's rim in seconds

How much does the DTS weigh?
The system adds about 8 OZ to a drum for each head that is equipped with a DTS.

Will the DTS hurt my hoop or shell?
The inward pressure of the Tension Cable on the skirt (bottom flange) of some hoops is so minimal, that it is highly unlikely to have any effect on the hoop whatsoever. Except for the same pressure that is applied by the drumhead to the bevel whether a drum is tuned with or without a DTS, it is virtually impossible for the system to affect the drum's shell in any way.

Is it possible that the DTS would extend the diameter of the drum enough to make it no longer fit into it's case?
Yes. It is possible that a DTS equipped drum might no longer fit in a case with minimal clearance around the drum.

Can I buy products directly from Drum Tech?
No. Drum Tech products are sold exclusively through authorized musical instrument dealers. For a complete list of Drum Tech dealers, please see our web site at:
Some Drum Tech dealers listed on the website may not yet be aware of the DTS.
In this case, please contact the Drum Tech Sales Office for help.

How will I know when the DTS has begun shipping to dealers?
The DTS began shipping to dealers in late 2006.