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as i don't tend to sweat much, i dislike stick grip aids. there is nothing that can replace the feel of the wood of the stick. any grips for drumsticks make them feel unnatural and sluggish.


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if i have time i like to sand the laquer off my drumsticks. ive been meaning to try those vater nude sticks.


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I've tried the UniGrip, and ProMark stick wrap, both are nice. I also use to use Hockey tape. I don't use tape any longer due to stick size, style and I switch back and forth between traditional and match grip. Tape doesn't work well for that.


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drummerduba":2tmbrzd9 said:
i use ahead grip which is like £5 a pair
yea, its a rip off! i use the the vater stick wrap, £4 and does about 10 pairs of sticks. i would love to use the ahead stuff all the time though but its too damn expensive!


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I had those Zildjian sticks with the grip coating. It just gave me blisters all the time, i have some vater stuff by my kit, dont know if ill use it though.


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I use Vater or Ahead tape, whatever I feel like at the time I buy them. The Aheads are tough to hold on to without griptape :p


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never tried those grips...
from the looks of it, my fingers would probably be irritated by those...
just don't look too comfortable