Drumset opinion question


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Hey guys, I know brand vs. brand questions can get old, but I hope you'll humor me, because I don't really have access to a variety of brands.
So this topic is DW vs. Mapex.
I currently own a Mapex Pro M, but wish to upgrade to a professional quality kit. I know DW sounds amazing; I've played on them and know as much. However, I love the Pro M I own now, and I've heard great things about the Saturns. I've heard great things about the Orions too, but also that they're built the same way as Pro Ms. Unfortunately, I've never gotten the chance to play on Saturns or DWs, nor set them up next to DWs and compare.
So, any opinions or advice? Thanks.


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I never play on any of this drums but here you have some videos that maybe will help you with taking any decision:



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Sadly you can not tell the sound of a kit from a recording. The sound will be EQd and processed.
Go to a shop and try the kits you mentioned.

Personally I would go for the Mapex. Great sound and great value for money. Also, If you like the sound of the kit you already have, why change? Is it just for the "name". and the fact they are called "pro" kits?