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i just wanted to say how much i love it here. drumming is just such an amazing instrument..and it keeps me sane. (even though im just a beginner) im going through a rough patch at the momant. so just to know that there is drums is like wow... :shock: haha. ok..

hey..i just wondering if i could get some beginner sheet music from anyone? like scan it or something..?




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There are some great resources online for drumming instruction for beginners.

To start, check out the Modern Drummer Magazine website, located at http://www.moderndrummer.com

They have lessons and things posted right on the web for you. I can't strongly enough suggest that you head to your local music store and find some drumming texts for beginners as well. You'll need to focus on your rudiments and the drumkit basics. There are all kinds of videos and DVDs available as well.

Welcome to the world of insanity that we know as drumming! And yes, it keeps all of us sane, LOL!! :D