Drumming so far.....


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Its been a while since iv been on ha. School has started things are have slowed down a tad. iv been playing for about 4 months i think. I need money for new cymbols. Iv started playing with the dudes at my church. I still have yet to start drum lessons. I wanna learn how to play Rock/Metal stuff thats fast and technical at the same time. Any advice for the young drummer?


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Yep. Stay away from fast and concentrate on technical for now. Basic rudiments, control exercises and techniques. Don't rush yourself because it's not gonna happen over night. Believe in yourself, be confident and stick with it. Peace on ya!


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I'll put it another way than stump and george:
Don't play drums just to be cool. Cool will come with time, but (as with EVERYTHING else) the only thing that makes whatever activity you do cool - is how badass you are at it. You can take a "lame" activity, and if you are really badass at it then you make it cool - look at the ventriliquist that won America's Got Talent. Nothing against the guy, but c'mon, a ventriliquist?! Cas Haley shoulda won... Anyway, vice versa, if you take the coolest activity, and suck at it, then you not only look bad, but make your hobby look bad too. It takes a lot to get that point across to music students just starting out. It will be cool, and it will get you laid if thats what you want, but BE A PROFFESIONAL, and LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and the respect will follow.