Drumming and singing

I've tried it before when playing live, but i have to resort to simple beats. Seems to me that you need to be able to play the beat in your sleep in order to sing at the same time. Since girls are supposedly better at multi-tasking, have any of you female drummers out there tried this, and did you find it easy?

Any bands where the drummers sing?

I can only think of Genesis and Death from Above 1979.


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iv been singing and drumming at the same time for years. i do mostly backing vocals but i also do about 5 or 6 songs on lead vocals. it does take practice, but its mainly just about figuring out how all the parts work.

one word



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Spiderbait does too, but people only know them from that cover of Black Betty they did.


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absolutley right!

Singing and playiong is a bitch, but just keep at it, you'll get better.

Bands where the drummer sings -

Night Ranger (funny huh?)
The Band
Atreyu (not my fav band, but he does sing)

A lot of drummers sing, but I thik it's best to have a frontman as it makes a better show.

I sing in my band, and it's hard cuz we play really fast, and really hard (2 drummers too)

It's like you need four lungs, cuz playing requires one way of breathing, singing needs another way...

Just have fun. I think Drummers who sing are rad!


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Morgan Rose from SevenDust
And John Wysocki of Staind USED to do back up vocals.
But Morgan is amazeing if your not into SevenDust you need to be!


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welll.....i've done it for years in the last two bands i was in. the first one was more singing/screaming where I did 4 or 5 songs by myself...and let me tell you, it ain't fuckin' easy.

I worked my ass off for two years just to be able to syncopate everything properly. Otherwise, I was coming in too fast with vocals, or just muffing the beat up entirely.

There is some video online of me with my most recent band, if you go to youtube and search for, Flying Just Below Radar. there's some stuff of us up there....it's fun though. It truly is a challenge...

I love it though and couldn't imagine playing drums, without singing now. Even if I play by myself I sing over my drums....

However, I think you guys have covered everyone....Morgan Rose was one of my big influences. Also, Aaron from underOATH, utilizes singing more so than screaming and his beats are fuckin' intense when he's singing....so it just takes practice for sure.


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a band called drums and tuba, the lead singer is the drummer and he is up in front always to the right of the stage, and he plays some awesome beats. All they have is a guitar player, a tuba player who also plays the sampler and the drummer. Ya'll should check them out, i saw them with primus about 3 months ago
I used to sing co-lead in a band while drumming, alternating melodic singing (you know, 'real' singing) and punk-style screaming. Now I sing back-up in a very similar band, and I still do both although I now shift back and forth much more fluidly. It takes time and practice, and POSTURE, and PROJECTION, but it's possible. On songs where I used to sing lead, I did resort to simpler drum parts, but with a little work you can achieve a sort of "5th limb" independance eventually, where you can sing and play and keep the two fairly seperate. what will kick your ass is when you need to sing a lead part and play a fill at the same time. You can compose the fill, and practice singing and playing at the same time, but for the most part I'd say it's safer to avoid overlapping the two.

PS Start working on your POSTURE and your PROJECTION. NOW. The only thing harder than drumming and singing at the same time is drumming and singing poorly at the same time. Except for maybe singing and playing poorly, I'm not sure (haven't tried it before. :D)


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I've been singing & playing drums together for years. I currently do about 18 songs with my main band and backups on almost everything else. I use a Crown CM311 headset (not wireless). I can't do the gooseneck or boom mike thing! It gives me a stiff neck & a headache. I've alway approached it by getting the drum part to where I can play the song on autopilot and then I can focus mainly on my pitch and phrasing. A few more drummer/ vocalist are:
Don Henley - Eagles
Phil Collins - Solo/Genesis
Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater
Sheila E - Solo/Prince
Don Brewer - Grand Funk Railroad
Ringo Starr - The Beatles


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I played drums and Sang in my last band. it happened by accident. I always sing to myself when playing. When we fired our singer for pledgerizing and Lieing we couldn't find a singer so I just grabed a mic.



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you think drumming and singing is hard... Check out a Band called "dredg" and their song "bug eyes" I have seen this live and the drummer plays the drums and THE PIANO at the same time!!! The most amazing thing i have seen by far


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I used to lead sing in my old band, even if you have great chops you always end up resort to simple beats, some stuff easier like take the drummer from "From Autumn To Ashes" for example. So it really all depends on your independence.


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lemoncleanser1":14c6mw9o said:
you think drumming and singing is hard... Check out a Band called "dredg" and their song "bug eyes" I have seen this live and the drummer plays the drums and THE PIANO at the same time!!! The most amazing thing i have seen by far
YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ON!!! this guy is intense...he does it on more than just this song...and if you've seen them live before, the way they end their set is incredible....he's doing both at the same time, as they start tearing his kit down one piece at a time...where he winds up with just a snare at the end.....jaw-dropping!!!!


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necroman138":1quao5ok said:
You're all stupid. Drumming and singing is easy. Just do it or shut-up.
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This thread is for people who want to hear different opinions and stories about drumming and singing

Some people dont find it easy drumming and singing at the same time, the fact that it is easy for you to do it is great, but you dont have to bother everyone else about it.

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