[drummert2k] - Pearl Master Custom and Maryland Custom Kit


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I really like your MMX. Emerald fade looks great with gold hardware. Nice setup as well :) Please post full specs.

PS - why do you have 3 holz on you kick reso? Doesn't that make your kick sound dead?


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heres the specs on the MMX

Maples shells with reinforcment hoops on the inside, Tom is 12x9, floor tom is 16x16, kick is 22x18. tom heads i use Evans G2s on top and remo clear ambassadors on the bottom. i found that head combination really makes these drums sing. lots of body and warmth without to much overtone. the 3 holes in the bass head is mainly for looks and does completely take any resonance out of the front head but 98% of the shows i play i have to mic the whole kit so with a D6 inside the kick about 4 inches from the batter head, felt beaters, and an aquarian super kick 2 with remos kevlar patch you get plenty of boom and surprisingly quite a bit of tone. i personally like my kick drum nice and punchy so even if i didnt have the holes in it i would still have a pillow in there deadening the front head anyway. hope that answered your questions, if you have anymore feel free to ask.


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I absolutely love the finish on the Pearl, as much as I'm a fan of the larger kits, both sets look amazing. The only finish thats even close to comparison is the general black finish on Rocket Shells.