Drummers who plug their ears


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Just curious too see if anyone is trying hold onto hearing anymore. I know I use earplugs when I play. Even tho with the plugs in everything sounds almost muddy and like it was a bad recording in someones garage. But to those outside... Well you can judge by their smiles :D


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i always use earplugs. i'd rather hear stuff a little money than not being able to head at all down the road.


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Yep, always. Look into the Hearos/Etymotic Hi-Fidelity earplugs if you want something that sounds better than your stock foam plugs. the noise reduction of the hifi plugs is less (15-20dB, as apposed to 25-30dB with foam), but they are flatter across the frequency spectrum.


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I don't, but I should.

I just like to hear the full sound of the drum, that's the only reason why I don't wear them.


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I used to use ear plugs until I started using electronics
That's when I switched to in-ear monitors
I bought a small mixer and took a line out from the bass and guitar players
Most amps nowadays have a "line out" plug in the back that sends a line level signal
Luckily, the vocalist used a vocal processor, so I took a line out from that as well
Two positive effects are:
1-You now have your own personal monitor mix (monitor mixes are so unrealiable in a chaotic club setting)
2- The in-ears are a lot lower volume than blaring monitor speakers, since they are directly in your ear, even if there's nothing going through the in-ears, they act like ear plugs

In-ears don't cost very much if you don't need a wireless transmitter
All you need is a headphone extension cable
You will be amazed how much stress is taken out of the gig when you have control over what you want to hear without trying to yell across a loud ass stage at a monitor guy


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I use plugs and isolating headphones from Vic Firth. I could play for hours like that. Hearing drums at such a low level makes it very comfortable to play.


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I don't know. I know earplugs are great to preserve hearing and I know for a fact that very easily my hearing is damaged by being a drummer in a band, however, the problem is that when I do use plugs I cannot hear when people are talking. For instance, during practice, it becomes a pain in the ass to have to pull out the plugs and put them back in every 5 seconds. Also I feel as if I cannot hear the other instrumentation when I do have the plugs in, but this may be a problem related to the quality of the actual product I am using,


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I suffer from hearing loss due to extremely loud stage volumes thur years of playing. I would recomend getting use to plugs. I think another thing that hurt my hearing was high pitched power crashes, any other crashes I could not hear over my drums especially sabian products.


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I recently invested in some moulded ear plugs with a 25dB noise reduction filter on them. In my opinion, they were well worth the money (£160 from Specsavers hearing department). When i have them in everything sounds exactly as it normally would if i didnt have them in, but just a lot quieter. AND you can still hear everyone talking in a practice when you're in a practice without having to take them out :D


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I didn't wear plugs when I first started, but picked it up when I started gigging out....then I started singing and moved to in-ear monitors which served as both hearing protection and monitors. In the long-run...you'll regret not wearing them. Make your bandmates speak up or into microphones.


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if im playing by myself for just a few minutes i wont put in plugs but during band practices i always have them in and i try to encourage the rest of my band to do so as well, even though they dont always listen.

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I use earplugs and isolation headphones. I don't ever want to risk my hearing again like I used to so foolishly when I was younger. I have Tinnitus now thanks to that, and it's not a pleasant thing to have at all.

Protect your hearing. You'll regret it if you don't. :)


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i use a cheap pair of studio headphones where it muffles the outside sounds and play wat ever im trying to play throu my i pod,,,but i turn it so i can just hear music and sttill hear drums


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i learned the hard way. lost some hearing, plus stuck with tinnitis. now use foam plugs to try and save what i have, plus i think it clears up excess noise.
Never used to, but now I'm in a band that is fortunate enough to own a full PA system with monitors and subs, I tend to wear plugs most of the time. There's a main stacked on a sub that sits not even 2 feet from head on my left side behind the kit. When we crank it and feel like annoying the neighbors, I wear earplugs