Drummers that wear glasses.


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Do you practice or play with your glasses on or off?

I am legally blind and have a vision scale of 20/450. I wear glasses on a normal basis, or else I wouldn't be able to see for the life of me. However, when I am playing, I do not wear them for a few reasons.

* They may fly off while playing
* I may accidentally hit them with my drumstick and that'd be all she wrote
* I sweat alot.. Enough said

Your opinion?

Brazilian Drummer

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I play practide, do everything with my glasses
but I usualy play with headphones so that helps them to stay on my head and not fall out!



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I always play with mine on. See, if you're hitting your drums hard enough that your glasses fall off... i think its time to adjust your technique haha. No seriously, i've never had a problem with them falling off or anything or sweat or yada yada blah blah. Just was always metal enough to keep em on during a show haha. I can even headbang (to a degree) playing thrash/blast beats without em falling off.


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I wear my glasses all the time now, used to wear contacts. I've never had a problem with them falling off or getting in the way of my playing. It can depend on your technique - if you really move around a lot or are a head banger than obviously there's more chance of them falling off.


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Contacts......I can't see as good with them as I can my glasses (going to optometrist next week to see if it can be fixed) and sometimes they get dry. But I see better with them than with nothing, and I don't have to worry about my specs falling off!


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well i play with my glasses sometimes. with my contacts sometimes. the only problem ive had with my glasses is sweat. i had the problem of them flying off once. but i adjusted the ear piece and now they dont. my contacts dried out once. but i changed brand of contacts. so that fixed th at.


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I used to play shows with my glasses off, but sometimes on. Now I wear contacts. The drummer for Darkest Hour, Ryan Perish wears glasses. So does the drummer for Cephalic Carnage, and Phil Rudd from AC/DC


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I wear glasses and have never had a problem. Ive nicked them a couple of times when Im in the 'moment.' But now that Ive become aware of it I havent had a problem in a long time.


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Contacts. I switched to gas-permeable hard lenses couple years ago and never wanted to go back. Definitely recommend them.


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I wear glasses all the time when I drum.
Always have.

Look at Stewart Copeland in any of the newer performances he has done with Oysterhead. He is always wearing glasses.

Stewart Copeland can do it. So I can too ;)


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i have been playing for 27 years and i bet 20 of them i have wore glasses. i play anything from jazz to metal and have never had a problem.

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I too can see nothing without my glasses so I wear them all the time. Now my watch on the other hand...I always take it off before I play. My left hand is weak enough as it is, I don't need the extra weight of a watch bogging it down.


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Luckily I can survive without wearing my glasses when I'm playing; but I do sometimes wear them when I'm reading music (grades >_<), or having to sight read.


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i never really think to remove my glasses, i always play with them on and i have encountered no problems in doing so