Drummers that use 2 ride cymbals


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I'm gonna be buying a second ride cymbal for my new metal project, and I want some interesting music where the drummer uses 2 ride cymbals.

I know of:
Gene Hoglan (Death, Stapping Young Lad)
George Kollias (Nile)
Frederick Anderson (Amon Amarth)
David Grey (Akercocke)

Anyone else?

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Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks) actually uses three rides, I believe.

I like to have a full combination have a 20" Zildjian K dark ride set up as my main ride, and a 20" Zildjian A riveted ride for an alternate. I switch pretty regularly between them, and I've got to admit that I sometimes prefer the sizzle sound. It's great to have a variety of sounds, IMO.


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Because of all the different genres of music I play, I own actually 9 rides. I use a double ride on three of my kits and a single ride on the fourth. The other two rides are for switch ability. Hey, I've been in this for quite a while, lol.



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I'd be willing to bet that Samus of Abigail Williams uses 2 rides. Peter Wildoer of Darkane uses a ride and then a bell as a secondary ride, using the same fundamentals as 2 rides. And if I remember right, Sean Rienert of Cynic uses 2 rides. Out of everyone listed on the page, I'd recommend you listen to Cynic. Sean Reinert fuses jazz and metal together so incredibly well


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John Longstreth of Origin and Dim Mak (among several others..) would be a good listen. Also check Kollias' other project, Sickening Horror


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jaundiced":2kn3ixpl said:
John Longstreth
I was thinking that dude used two rides.

I certainly have a hard enough time telling which hand he's gonna be leading with at any given moment.


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many, MANY jazz drummers use 2 rides (one on left, one on right), and no dedicated crash cymbal. They just shoulder crash the ride when they want a crash.


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Really? My bad then. If I can know, what are his set up? Those crashes looks pretty large, and if I'm not wrong, he rides on them too pretty frequently.