drummers get all of the girls


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yeah i just want to hear what you think. just seeing if its a sterotype or not... not that i really care o anything ;) just because my band members are like yeah dude once we make it youll get all of the girls


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hmm, i have 2 views on this

1) Drummers would naturally get all the girls becoz we are usually have the bigger muscles and strong appearance...

2) then again i think this is cancelled out from the fact tht after the gig, we get all sweaty and smelly, girls=gone :shock:

Lesson for this story = always take Lynx with u to a gig , and a good towel :D 8)


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I havent noticed any increase of the ladies since I started drumming. So I vote no on this one.


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Well I have atheory of my own on this one. Some of you may have heard this one before. It goes like this:
The lead singers get the good looking girls.
Guitarists get the loud ones.
Bassists get the quiet ones.
drummers get all the stupid ones.
Well there you are. Highly stereotypical of course.


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I will have to say the one of the most intersting experience I had was playing at a house party and several girls sat in front of the bass drum. They said afterwards that they like the vibration caused by it. :D


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It's funny, cuz up until we added our new guitarist, I was the only one who had a girlfriend. So I guess the drummer got hooked up before anyone else! =)


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thats definitely a hard question to answer... no doubt my vocalist pulls the most. but I do pretty well for myself.

theres a big difference I've noticed however on how much I pull at home versus on the road... the sweaty/stinky factor really comes in on the road. Plus the fact for a good while after the set we (drummers) are tearing down and loading out while others can hop off stage and start to mingle.

Chad Scott

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I don't know where you guys went to school but in most I say MOST of the time the singer gets most of the play! Unless he is ugly & even then they get play...A drummer that gets the most play would be a guy/girl that is the only beautiful one in the band! Even the Bass player gets more play in most bands...


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shit i only get other drummers who come up ap and ask me how i did that which i'm ok with it means i'm playin well.i had a few girls who had drummer fetishes but i never got a ton of girls while playin


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My bassist tried hooking me up with an out of town girl, and when told I was a drummer, she replied with "Ooh... really?"


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Iv Been in bands for years!! And i must say Iv always been the best lookin stud of all the rest of my band mates...As being a drummer ya just dont get noticed much when your hid back there as per say the rest out front!! Although iv had my fill of straglers waiting @the end of a gig!! So lets hope your the pretty boy of the band!!!


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Hard to tell... I've never really noticed any difference. But that's because I've never really been anything other than a drummer for 33 years! Strangely enoough, my wife actually LIKES me slightly sweaty after a gig, and claims that I give off an "energy" that she finds attractive. MAYBE this is what attratcs them?


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well there are conflicting points. im not the best lookin fellah but ive goten some girls. i got more when i was a guitarist. and ive noticed that in most cases vocalist/guitarist get allthe girls. but for the most part the girls they get are rather ill moralled if ya get me. (they get around). the girls that usualy come talk to me and all that. are generaly really nice and most of the time not bad lookin at all. its just a matter of presence. i am a strange drummer as in. i actualy get up from my kit and do random shit on stage. such as.. after the sound check i get up and take a couple pairs of sticks and goof around up front of the stage and do some rudiments n stuff and talk to people. or ill jump down off the stage and mingle some. that sometimes is a problem as. i almost always have to literally run to the backstage area and rush to my kit. as i lose track of time haha. during the show. at random points ill get up and do something stupid (between songs) or throw t-shirts/merch or some sticks. sometimes ill use " i have to adjust a cymbal stand" as an excuse to get up. my throne is very uncomfortable lol. but back on topic. in general the girls go to vocalist/guitarist. which im literally the tallest and biggest(in body build) of the band. so i dont get the preppy girls. then again i dont mind the girls i get. they are generaly pretty good.


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Well, I do meet a lot of girls and in all seriousness, the only ones that I can stand personality-wise will go for the drummers first, the rest are annoying as hell and I use my bandmates as human shields or act really busy with the gear.

Another thing I've noticed is that almost every older woman (my mom's age) or older, has dated a drummer at some point in time (or had a best friend that did) and they all give me this look like "If I wans't married I'd drag you out to my car and get freaky" which really freaks me out and I usually leave the immediate area in a rush.


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I believe that drummers who also sing get more girls!..Plus it does'nt hurt that I look alot like Ron Jeremy too!..lol!...Then they r really curious!!