Drummers Bride needs help


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Hello! Drumming community!!

I am a soon to be bride of a very talented drummer. We just have one problem, my fiance lost his drum kit when he moved in with me because his bastard brother sold them instead of shipping them to my house. My fiance has been drum-less for 13 months now. I've put a down payment on a set to get him started again. I know this is desperate but I'm asking for help, so please don't send me hate mail or comments putting us down. Look at it this way... our wedding is in July and I haven't spent one cent on that wedding or anything for myself in the wedding and I've put over $300 dollars down on a kit for him. Wouldn't you want a girl like that??

The website is here
and the links on the left show you the kit, where I'm getting it from, who he is, etc.
Anyhow, the donating amounts are $10, $20, and $50 dollars, but there is also an other amount box in which you can donate as little as a dollar. I'm asking for help because we have to pick them up with a certain time frame or we lose all the money. He doesn't even know I'm doing this for him. I hate to be a beggar, I just love him and support his talent so much.

Thanks for all consideration.