[drummerck] - Gretsch


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Here are my Gretsch Broadkasters. They are a Cherry Wood Satin finish with the "gunmetal" hardware.





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Wow! That's one amazing set! Please post full specs! Do you have any recordings of you playing it?


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-18x22 Kick
-8x10, 9x12,13x16 Toms (also have a 11x14 tom that i use for rock stuff...then, I use the 12,14, and 16 toms)
-Snares- 5x14 (matching) Broadkaster, Pearl Maple Free Floating 5 1/2x14, Pearl 5 1/2x14 Sensitone (MY FAV!), Yamaha 8x14 Brass, DW 5x10, and a few more....i'm just tired! HA!

-Hardware- Pearl ICON rack, Pearl CH-88 cymbal holders, Pearl Hi-Hat and Snare Stands, also have Pearl Eliminator pedal

-Cymbals- 17,18,19,20 Zildjian A Custom Crashes, 20 A Custom medium ride, 20 Avedis Zildjian Ping ride, 20 K Custom Dark ride, 17 K Custom China, 8 A Custom Splash, 15 A Custom Mastersound Hats, 14 K Special Dark Hats (NOT ALL OF THESE ARE USED AT ONCE! THIS IS WHAT I CHOOSE FROM)

-Heads- Evans G2 Coated (top toms)
Evans G1 (bottom)
Evans Powercenter reverse dot on snare (Hazy 300 on bottom)
Aquarian Superkick II on Kick (batter)
Evans EQ 3 resonant

Electronics (click and loops)- Apple Powerbook G4
Digital Performer 4.6
Stylus RMX with all Expander packs
Akai MPC-2000
MOTU 828 mkII


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yes....i have lots of rough trax of these drums being played. it'sactually better to hear them like that.You really hear what the drums sound like ratherthan a lot of post-production crap on them, ya know?

I play lots of different styles ofmusic. Right now, i'm on the road with country artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson. I also do a good bit of session work in Nashville.


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haha i know this is kind of off the subject...but i have the same rug that your beautiful kit is on in the first pic......freaky:)