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This is my Pearl Master's Custom kit. 6ply maple shells in Midnight Fade finish with black hardware. 18x22 kick 8x10;9x12;11x14; & 13x16 toms. 5.5x14 snare. DW 9000 pedals My full cymbal setup for this kit is 6" & 8" Zildjian A Splashes; 10" & 12" K Splashes; 16" A Custom Crash and K Medium Thin Dark Crash; 18" A Custom Crash and K Medium Thin Dark Crash; 17" K china; 21" K Heavy Ride; 14" A Custom Master Sound Hi-hats & K Hi-Hats. I also use Shure Mics.
Whenever I perform I usually downsize the number of cymbals I use due to space on stage.
I am no longer with the band Pass The Peas

This is my 1989 Pearl World Series in Ferarri Red Finish. The shells are Birch and Mahoghany. This set up is shown with 16x22 kick; 10x12 & 11x13 toms; 6.5x14 brass free floating snare.
I also have a variety of other tools. LP Cowbells and Jam Blocks; Mini Timbales; and a 10x12 Pearl Poplar Firecracker snare and a 3x13 brass piccolo. I also have various other cymbals A's K's and Z's that I use


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You have enormous amount of drumming gear! Two great sets, a lot of top notch cymbals etc.... You're making me green with envy :oops:


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Rob the Drummer":23rwwu8y said:
I love Master's Kits. They were my first love in drumming! Nice kits man!
I had a masters kit before my dw and I thought it was a step backwards. I've owned exports, session and masters through the years and hands down Pearl makes great drums!