Drummer Shoes


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CASCINAIDRUMS":w55nyhe2 said:
I only play Barefooted
i played barefooted when i learned dubble bass. so i have more feel

but my feet started to hurt a bit...:p
besides, i can't play whem i have cold feet


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i wear Airwalk skater shoes. they're light and comfortable with very smooth soles. ever seen thomas lang? he wears these puma shoes...and neil peart says that he starting wearing tap dancing shoes after studying with freddie gruber...is that true?


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well i guess everyone has theyre preference,to me chuck taylor's
puma fast cats or asics wrestling shoes,but ive also have had to play in tuxedo shoes when i used to perform in wedding bands,i hate it thats when i discovered all black chuck taylors then well the rest is history

drums are the beat that keep my heart goin


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i usually play with loose shoes (és skate shoes) but im starting to more & more play bare footed & it really does feel goooood :D


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i usually play in bare feet.
If i do a gig it usually doesnt matter what im wearing i dont usually focus on that but i suppose light shoes like converse are gd but trainers are gd aswell


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Bare footed for me. Sometimes I practice in socks but it's au' natural during show time. My friends think its funny as hell, for some reason. I played my first gig in years last month and people were going up to my wife asking "Why doesn't he have on any shoes?" It was outside and in the upper 40's that night so a lot of folks thought I was nuts. :lol: