Drummer Shoes


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Leather bottoms only. The lighter the better. I like the way leather slips on the foot boards. If my shoes get wet or sticky, I will find some dance wax, corn meal, or baby powder in the corner of the dance floor to get my shoes slipping again. If the dance floor doesn't have and powder, I will just wipe them off good on some carpet. I can't stand for my feet to stick to the pedals.

I wear Justin Ropers to every gig!


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I were some type of VANS because they're easy to slip off when playing barefoot. I always play barefoot and have pedal board covers so they dont get cold and your feet wont slip. Now if for some odd reason I had to wear shoes it would be some type of wrestling shoe.


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Well ive heard a few ideas about shoes and drumming. Some guys wear Dr. Martains Boots for playing in. These guys have there pedals tensioned very tight and the weight of the boot gives them more volume. But they go thru heads more oftin and wear out pedal parts sooner too.

Others say wearing dancing shoes is best with a hard sole on the like dress shoes. They play lots of shuffle beats and slide there foot up and down the foot board to play the quick doubles. Jeff Pocaro of Toto ( the Master of the shuffel beat) used this technique very well. Ive even heard Freddie Gruber, A very famous teacher in NY recomend these.

I myself will only play in a very old pair of gym shoes. Ive found that as the rubber in them gets old it hardens a bit and allows my foot not to be so grippy on the foot boards and my feet still be comfortable. That way i still can get a good groove going in my shuffle beats and still get good volume without so much effort.


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I like to play barefoot but I rarely do anymore. Other than that converse are nice, but I still try to play in everything as so my foot doesn't become acustomed to one type of shoe. Its better to be able to play in anything..


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i play in socks at home and i wear my nike sb's when im playing a show they give me a nice feel i cant have something thats too grippy


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I have tried wearing "wrestling shoes" Those work pretty good.Or even better I like to play in my socks,but if I am playing somebody elses kit..I wear the shoes.


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Black Nikes WITH THE DOCTOR SCHOLLS GEL INSERTS!!!! omgg so comfy but they are all bruised and cut up from use... I wear them everywhere!


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i Have and older pair of Nike indoor soccer shoes, and they are incredible. There very light weight, flexible soles and quite stylish..!
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I use Converse low tops. They are thin and that's what works for me. If I can't find those I'll try to find some other light weight shoes. The shoes I normally wear are too bulky.


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My take on the whole footwear thing is, if you dont wear gloves, why wear shoes? in my opinion, its best to feel the pedal like its best to feel the stick in your hand.

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