Drummer Shoes


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Hey boys and girls! Do you use any special kind of footwear to play drums? Or maybe you play in socks? Bare feet? Let's discuss:)


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Ive got a pair of shoes ive worn for yeeears, there like a second pair of feet, i only wear them, apparently Converse shoes are supposed to be good to play in


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i have some problems playing barefoot, i have a terrible habbit of stomping my left foot. im working on it.


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Thus far the best shoes I have found for playing drums have been any of the PUMA's that are designed for "driving." Due to their flat sole and light weight, they feel better than playing in regular shoes...but don't feel as uncomfortable as playing without shoes. I can't play barefoot and every pair I have bought thus far, have proven to be fantastic.


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i found the best shoes that work for me are wrestling shoes. they work great and they almost give you more control then socks. its kinnda a 80's fab but it works


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chuck taylors baby!! na, really, they are nice to play in. the soles are not too obnoxiously thick. not only that, they are pretty dang affordable.


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For years I had a pair of cheap shoes I bought at walmart one time that my feet were completely comfortable playing in.
I lost one of the shoes being tossed over the top of the crowd at an outside TOOL show several years back.
I tried all kinds of shoes but they all got in my way. From then on most of the time I wear flip flops because they are easy to just toss to the side but I always play bare footed.


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Converse shoes are very good to play in, they give your feet freedom to move as if your playing in sox or bare feet, and dont slip on the pedals either


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I usually play in my Chuck Taylors, but wrestling shoes are great too, i have a pair lying around (somewhere) from when i was in my HS wrestling team. But i can play in almost anything, even my doc martins. I really want to try playing in bowling shoes, i had some on the other night when i went bowling, and never noticed how flexible and thin they are. :wink:


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Whatever is on my foot as I sit down to play.
Barefoot, sneakers, boots, whatever!
(I guess it mainly comes down to lazyness... :lol: )


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I got a CHEAP pair of trainers from asda (wall mart) and they are grimy battered and discusting but there is nothing NOTHING more comfortable to play in, and there as small as i can ware them, normally need a ten but got a nine in these and it feels like im part of the kit, I find its better then playing bare foot as my feet get sore when they are just in socks and i cant play with as much attitude like that either, but CHEAP OLD SHOES are the was... each to there own!


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Adidas Low Cut Martial Arts Sneakers Black w/Red Stripes (4792)
They are light as a feather and the bottoms grip to the pedals 8)