Drummer for 30 seconds to mars (?)

I don`t see him doing anything outstanding. Sorry, not trying to be the jerk I sound like. I do think the placement of his trigger pads is a neat idea though.


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ViciousCircle5":1dh4jpmu said:
Anyone know this guys name??? I think he kicks ass on the kit. Unique electronic shit too...
Check out this performance from Jay Leno..."Edge of the earth"

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... 1168357628

Very curious. Love his style. I'd like to know if he was in any previous bands and what his setup is exactly as far as specs go.
Yeah, it's Shannon Leto, older brother of Jared Leto (Vocals, Guitar).
I didn't find him interesting at all, by the way.


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haha That's cool, I just think he is an exciting player to watch. Its not that he is doing anything technically amazing. Plus I just think his stuff sound great.
Anyways, thanks for responding.


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I remember seeing them perform on Leno that night and liking his style- was suprised to see a large kit; mostly you see 4pcs these days- I thought it was cool to see someone bucking the trend.
not that it matters either way, you just don't see it much lately.

Alan White of Yes does a very similar arrangement with Roland pads across the front of his kit.
Okay, he wasn't the most technically amazing drummer I've ever seen, but I did enjoy his style. He brings a different flavor to the kit, which is what I like. He was dynamic to watch and in his playing. I've never heard any of their stuff, but I think I may just check it out, now.